Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hip Baby

Hip Baby on 4th Ave has re-opened under new ownership. The old Hip Baby carried cloth diapers (CDs) but they only carried their own "Hip Baby" diapers and a few types of covers. Since I really disliked their diapers I really only went their to get their Hydrox product to wash my CDs.

What a nice surprise to see that the new owners have expanded the CD selection (currently kissiluvs and a nice range of covers). Since KG Kids (or Discount Diapers) went bankrupt there has been a real need for an actual store with a reasonable selection of CDs (frankly the need was there before as KG really wasn't the best retail operation). There have always been lots of options on-line. But I'm a touch and feel /talk to a person face-to-face kind of girl. I suspect a lot of mom's considering CDing are the same way.

The new owner is not well versed in cloth diapers. But her male associate was obviously a CD Dad. He was talking to a soon-to-be-mom when I arrived giving her lots of great advise on CDing. He and I chatted afterwards and he indicated they intend to expand their CD stock further.

This is great news to me! It is so hard to expand the number of people using CDs when it is virtually an online culture. It was great when started with their workshops, newborn diaper rental and great selction - but they are primarily online. And Hip Baby is in a prime, hands-on, touch and feel Kits location. Plus having a CD Dad explain how to use diapers from a first hand perspective is really 'priceless'.

I will certainly be back to re-fill my Hydrox and to update my CD stock as required. Today I bought a Kissiluv to try and a couple of new doublers to try. Had always wanted to give them a try, but really didn't want to pay the shipping for just one diaper.

Best of luck to the new Hip Baby!

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