Sunday, April 10, 2011


Seems like the universe is telling me I shouldn't have posted about how great Lil T has been doing without his diapers yesterday. Cause he has an awful cough and woke up this morning in a wet bed.  Can't blame the little guy he was up most of the night coughing.  And bladders of all sizes have a hard time holding back while you feel like you are hacking up a lung. 

The good news is that Lil T didn't seem to bothered or upset by it. He went straight to the toilet this morning and when I asked him what was up he said his PJ's were wet and he had to go pee. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wow! A Year!

I just realized it has been almost a year since I've posted on my Cloth Diaper blog.  In part because there wasn't much to say.  Well except for the whole toilet training thing.  That would probably have been good to have blogged about.  In short, it has been 8 months since Lil T wore a daytime diaper, and 4 since he wore one at night.  We used cloth pull-ups and big boy underwear during the day. And continued to use our Good Mamas at night until he was ready to go without.  He probably continued to wear night time diapers a month longer than necessary. But he wanted to wear them and we let him. 

One of my big wins was to convince daycare that I didn't need to send anymore disposable pull-ups. She was only using them in case of an "emergency" during nap time.  So thankfully she is happy with a cloth pull-up for his naps.  It bugged me, a lot actually, that I had to send disposables with him to daycare. 

What now for this blog?  Well I'm open to questions from anyone taking on cloth diapers.  So if you want a first hand experience answer to a cloth diaper question post a comment and I'll respond.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Days

Today my son walked into the bathroom. Pulled his stool over to the toilet. Put his seat on the toilet. Climbed up and Peed!    All by himself. 

Tomorrow he will probably poop on the floor. But hey you have to celebrate progress when you can.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Goodmama a Dad Favourite

So as I've blogged before my husband is having a hard time getting his head around the cloth diaper routine. Like forgetting, again, to include the poopy diapers in the wash with the rest of the diapers.  He was getting a bit frustrated folding diapers the other night.  Then he noticed that the each Goodmamas had different coloured snaps and edging thread.   I told him that they matched the doubler so that it was easy to know which went into which diaper. 

Him "Finally, something made for us Dads..."

Me  "Or sleep deprieved Moms."

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daddy takes over

So this past December I started a new part time job.  My husband is now at home with our little guy and has taken over washing the diapers.  I love my husband, but you can imagine that this has created a few challenges.  You will see a trend of "forgetfulness" in this post.  

  1. The first challenge was he sort of 'forgot' that this was now his responsibility.  So for a few weeks diaper washing was a bit irratic. 
  2. Then he forgot the poopy diaper bin was out in the back room, so they didn't get washed for over a week.
  3. He forgot that the wool aristrocrat covers don't go in the hot rinse.  Thankfully they didn't shrink - much!
  4. He mixed up the regular detergent we use on clothes and the special diaper Hydrox detergent we use for diapers.  Cold Water Tide really doesn't work that great on diapers.
  5. He still tries to go a week without washing diapers.  As you can imagine (a) the diaper bin stinks, and (b) the diapers are holding more of their smell. 
  6. He still asks where the diapers go... that is if he actually folds them and puts them away.
  7. He called me while I was volunteering at the Olympics (I was actually holding a rope to keep media behind while the athletes walked by) to double check that the diapers the temperature to wash the diapers in and to ask if the covers could go in the hot rinse (this was last week).
In my husband's defense he has perfected the spray water mechanism in our bathroom for cleaning "blow outs" in the toilet. And he can handily hold a squirming 2 year old under one arm while using the warm spray to clean him off with the other.

My husband is as committed to cloth diapering as I am.  And he has a very detail oriented mind - when it comes to computers.  But he just can't seem to grasp the regular (ie: it doesn't change) routine of washing diapers.  Granted the routine is a bit more complicated than washing his own laundry, but it is nowhere near as complicated as building a server from scratch (spray poopy diapers, use hydrox for detergent, cold wash... remove wool covers... do hot rinse... put into dryer).  Can diaper washing become a learnt skill?  I hope so.... 

Can't wait to see what happens when it gets warmer and he has to figure out the laundry line.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toilet Training Update

So over the weekend our toilet training took an interesting step sideways and forwards.

Daddy offered the little guy a treat if he went pee on the toilet.  The little guy immediately ran to the toilet and peed to get his chocolate treat. I obviously was not at home at the time.  I asked my husband why he resorted to this tactic. And he said that I had used a sticker in the morning and had had success.  A short 'discussion' was then had about the difference between a sticker and a chocolate bar - even when it is halloween size. 

Sunday I tried to get the little guy excited about getting stickers as a reward vs chocolate.  So I got him all bundled up for a walk to the dollar store to pick out some stickers. And boy was he excited.  He picked out all sorts of stickers - fire engines, happy faces, teddy bears, twinkle stars.   Everytime he goes into the bathroom he asks for his sticker.  And seems to be starting to understand that he only gets those when he tells us 'in advance' that he has to go and goes in the toilet.   He also gets one if he goes when put on the toilet at one of our 'regular' times (before/after sleeps, before lunch, etc).  He was very proud on Monday to show his montessori teacher his teddy bear sticker for his poo on the toilet Monday morning.  

I've also been starting to get him excited about big boy underwear.  Grandma is coming to visit in a few days (for US Thanksgiving) and is bringing some new big boy underwear with her.  So we'll give that a try when she arrives. 

I'll update how it goes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Toilet Training by Cloth

So I haven't had much to blog about with regards to cloth diapers in a while.  Our system was working and felt I had had a lot to say on that already.   Over the past while 2 issues have cropped up. One is a decent diaper bag for cloth diaper moms (I'll blog on that one later) and the other is potty training with cloth.

We tried a sort of part time Elimination Communication with our guy starting at about 6 months.  I had problems in the early days with breast feeding so wasn't really ready to focus on the EC until later.  So while we never quite figured out the pee thing, we did get pretty good at knowing when a poop was coming and getting the guy to the toilet.   Then the little guy started his habit of only pooping during naptime... so we let it go for a while.

As he approached 2 years old we got more disciplined.  And I am happy to report that at 26 months we haven't had a poopy diaper in about 3 weeks (and that was an accident during nap time).  He tells us most times before he has to go... although once in a while he doesn't say anything but it is obvious.  He is proud of pooping on the toilet and loves to high five before he flushes. 

The pee is another thing.  He is getting better at telling us - but this is usually simultaneous with actually peeing (it is easy to tell because he spreads his legs out and sort of starts to crouch).   If he runs around naked it is better, as he doesn't like peeing on the floor.  If he is wearing a diaper and we ask him if he is wet he says 'no' most of the time.  So while we have had progress we have a ways yet to go.

Our approach, for what I will call Phase 1 of training, has been:
  • Follow his lead.  I made the mistake of trying to ramp up the training last month by moving him to real underwear and quickly realized that was a mistake.  So we just try to be consistent and take his lead.  Thus Phase 2 and real underwear has been delayed for now.
  • Regular toilet time.  As soon as he gets up, before lunch, before nap, after nap, before bathtime, before we get ready to leave the house, etc. 
  • Books on the toilet.  He loves to read on the toiler - his favourite is the Lego Holiday catalogue.
  • Change him as soon as we know he is wet.  We want him to like the feeling of a nice dry diaper. 
  • When at home he runs around in just a pull-up, cloth without a cover or nothing.  That makes it easier for us to see what is going on.
  • Good positive feedback.  We haven't started using any 'rewards' other than the high five and letting him flush when he has done something.  Might be part of phase 2, but we'll see.
The products we have been using:
  • Motherease sandy's make great pull-ups.  Once snapped they pull right up or down (just remember to unsnap before washing or they take a while to dry).  And he feels more like he is wearing underwear.
  • So far I've used both motherease and bummies training pants.  The bummies were received 2nd hand from a friend, but the motherease was bought new.  If I had to buy more I'd get more motherease as they are softer.  They seem to absorb about the same.  Our problem is that the bummies are a bit big for him, so we've had some accidents with them moving around or gaping. 
  • Naptime and bedtime are regular cloth diapers. 
  • Regular toilet, with stepping stool and seat (no space in our little place for a potty).
Interestingly since we are paying more attention to when he is wet we are going through more diapers.  suggests having about six sets of training pants of pull-ups.  We have 5 pulls-ups and 6 sandys (plus we use other cloth diapers for out of the house and naps) and find this amount works well for us.  Otherwise I'd be doing laundry everyday.