Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toilet Training Update

So over the weekend our toilet training took an interesting step sideways and forwards.

Daddy offered the little guy a treat if he went pee on the toilet.  The little guy immediately ran to the toilet and peed to get his chocolate treat. I obviously was not at home at the time.  I asked my husband why he resorted to this tactic. And he said that I had used a sticker in the morning and had had success.  A short 'discussion' was then had about the difference between a sticker and a chocolate bar - even when it is halloween size. 

Sunday I tried to get the little guy excited about getting stickers as a reward vs chocolate.  So I got him all bundled up for a walk to the dollar store to pick out some stickers. And boy was he excited.  He picked out all sorts of stickers - fire engines, happy faces, teddy bears, twinkle stars.   Everytime he goes into the bathroom he asks for his sticker.  And seems to be starting to understand that he only gets those when he tells us 'in advance' that he has to go and goes in the toilet.   He also gets one if he goes when put on the toilet at one of our 'regular' times (before/after sleeps, before lunch, etc).  He was very proud on Monday to show his montessori teacher his teddy bear sticker for his poo on the toilet Monday morning.  

I've also been starting to get him excited about big boy underwear.  Grandma is coming to visit in a few days (for US Thanksgiving) and is bringing some new big boy underwear with her.  So we'll give that a try when she arrives. 

I'll update how it goes.

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  1. Good luck with the stickers! I used stickers a bit but essentially, when Victoria decided she wanted to use the potty all the time, she did. It really was just like a switch went off in her head.

    I can only hope the toilet learning experiences are as easy with Amelia!

    *this comment brought to you courtesy of IComLeavWe! Spread the love*